Launch Profitable Funnels, Generate Leads & Make More Sales For Your Online Business In Just 30 Days or Less!

…Even if you’re a complete newbie with no products, past experience, or an audience to sell to!

Establishing The Business You Want, Achieving The Lifestyle & The Freedom You Desired Comes Down To Using The Right Funnels!

Dear Growing Marketer,

Welcome to Omniconverts. We help people like you build a proven sales process that matters – FUNNELS. I specifically used the word “Matters” because you want to generate leads and repeating customers for your business online.

In fact, you want to generate more of them right now! As an online business owner, that’s what you care about.

Let’s simply knock and dissect the big idea into the four main parts:

  1. The core business idea you want to establish online (that solves real problems),
  2. Apply the time-tested selling technique to create a deep customer journey ready to attract the people you seek to serve,
  3. Drive targeted audience and turn them into customers and ultimately, your SUPERFANS (where real wealth is created online).
  4. Test, test, and test rigorously to help make data-driven decisions.

That my friend is the real formula to achieving the freedom and financial life you craved for.

I don’t know about you, but I believe one single important skill you need to build and launch customers generating business from scratch in 2021 and beyond is well, you guessed – Funnels.

Here’s what I mean:

What most high-performance marketers and successful gurus in this marketing space understand better than anyone else is the art of selling online. They’ve mastered the art of persuasion to the point where they can easily move cold traffic from an entry-level (becoming leads) down to the stage of making a buying decision (becoming customers).

They understand that in order to move the right needle in their business, generating millions in revenue and increasing the lifetime value of each customer, conversion-focused sales funnel system must be in place.

That’s what powers their business and helps make them become unstoppable online.

To drive home the right point, let me buttress this point further with popular gurus names you might be familiar with:

Sam Ovens‘ Consulting Accelerator Course keeps bringing in 8 figures revenue year by year thanks to the automation funnels he implemented.

Russell Brunson grew the ClickFunnels company to $360 million in just 3 years as estimated by Forbes, thanks to the various funnels techniques he implemented in his business.

Michael Hyatt applied book funnels and became a New York Times Bestselling Author for several of his books.

All other big guns like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and others got to where they’re today simply by harnessing the power of MARKETING FUNNELS.

Alright! Enough said about those gurus.

But, what about us people that don’t have a name and an audience to ourselves?

Let’s be cleared, using funnels is not only for big names alone. In fact, every small business owner (new and experienced) now turns to this marketing technique to grow their business – Lead-wise and Sales-wise.

With no audience, no email list, and little to no previous experience to my name, I was able to generate 578 new customers which netted me $26,446.75 in sales in just a few months with a new offer.

Omniconverts Results
These results are not typical!

Not too shabby for a third-world guy like me and for a product that costs $45+ to get access to… Is it?

As you can see, the results above were possible all thanks to implementing the right sales funnel which ramped up the sales volume significantly – and considering the fact that I’m targeting a competitive audience.

This is not to brag in any way but since then, everything has been a roller coaster journey for me both in results and experience.

Dude, it’s not about me, but all about you. I want to instill the belief that you also can be getting results online no matter your experience level, location, or business models (affiliate marketing, coaching, eCom store, or your business idea) you’re currently into right now.

And that brings me to say – People like us do things like this:

We build business that matters.

YES, we build MARKETING BUSINESSES that change, impact and bring huge VALUES to the people we seek to serve.

Finally, we build FUNNELS that generate leads and sales for our business (hands-off) and scale to its maximum potentials.

Now, if you have got the desire and are ready to be a funnel builder, then I think you’ll love what I’ve for you on the next page.

Build recession-proof funnels and become a better smarter marketer you can be in less time.

If this resonates with you on a greater level, why not start the journey with me?

But wait right here… If you know you’re a tire-kicker, freebie seeker, or simply an idiot, then taking the next step is not meant for you. Kindly pass the time to other so-called marketers offering you digital dust-freebies and lead magnet offers that give no real VALUES in this sensible world

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