My Story: From Being Lost To Building Profitable Business Online!

Donald Damilola - Founder & Owner of Omniconverts boog

Hey! My name is Donald Damilola. I’m the founder and marketing guy behind the Omniconverts blog!

I held a B. Tech in Surveying and Geoinformatics and worked with the state government for over 3 years.

From the beginning of my life, I had dreams of becoming my own boss and reaping the benefits of having my own business.

Truth be told, I’ve struggled online. I tried everything from filling survey sites to buying the latest offers that promised to make you rich overnight…

…losing over $7,000 in the process (poor me).

And you know what the result was? I achieved nothing. I made zero cents and no worthwhile results to show for my efforts.

That’s until I stumbled upon Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets book through Ads on YouTube. 

The title of the book captivated and hooked me enough, since building my online business is what I’m looking for.

I took the leap again and invested in the DotCom Secrets book, hoping that it won’t be another marketing book with fake promises.

To cut the long story short, I devoured the DotCom Secrets book and it’s nothing but a great read for me. 

It’s packed with golden secrets to starting your online business, unlike other so-called marketing books.

It’s choked with practicals and marketing examples, screenshots to help digest all the concepts taught in the book.

The Journey To Sales Funnel Mastery: Giving 30,000ft Bird-Eyes View

While reading the DotCom Secrets book by Russell Brunson, I started noticing how Russell keeps funneling me to purchase his other marketing books and resources.

From “DotCom Secrets“, “Experts Secrets“, “Traffic Secrets” books to many ClickFunnels resources including their sales funnel tool.

His marketing messages resonate with me and I can’t help but keep buying his stuff over and over again, turning me into super fans.

Out of all the sales processes, the way he structured his business left me wondering how he does it. So, I started seeking how I could apply the same strategies to my business and clients as well.

Internalizing & Putting The Concepts of Sales Funnel To Work For My Business

After being exposed to the basics of the sales funnel through DotCom Secrets, it’s so obvious that I’ve developed an interest to learn more about this strategy.

I started immersing myself deeper into the marketing funnel world. As a result of taking massive action, I joined a funnel training called One Funnel Away Challenge.

This was the first funnel program that really helped me to grab the full scope and concepts of using Hooks and Stories to sell online.

Not only that, creating Offers that your audience can’t resist but to buy was an eye-opener for me.

To cap this sensational OFA Challenge training, I learned how to target my dream customers and fill my funnels with potential buyers.

Totally solved my burning problems…WOW!!!

Let me ask you, isn’t that awesome for a lost dude like me?

Since then, I’ve launched successful funnels to start a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing business, promoting offers with high commissions.

And I didn’t stop there, I designed many funnels proven to converts for some high profitable business models and small businesses such as;

  1. Dropshipping Business
  2. Real Estate Agent Business
  3. Insurance Business
  4. Dentist Business
  5. Make Money Online Niche…

…just to name but a few!

You can read my detailed review of One Funnel Away Challenge by clicking here, to learn more about how it leveled up my business online.

The Birth of Omniconverts & Its Marketing Goals

Are you looking forward to getting started with an online business but don’t know exactly where to start?

Or do you just want surefire ways and strategies to grow and scale an existing business?

I understand! Let me quickly tell you that I’ve gone and passed through all these stages before!

In this digital internet era, building an extra business online has never been easier.

I created this Omniconverts blog with a vision to help people to start, grow, generate more leads and sales from their online business using the power of sales funnels and email marketing.

There are endless strategies and methods to market your business online.

However, there’s one strategy that surpasses other methods in terms of results, which is the marketing funnel strategy.

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself one of the following questions to know if it would fit your business:

  • What’s a sales funnel and how can it help my business?
  • How can I learn the sales funnel as a beginner?
  • What’s the best tool for building a sales funnel for my business?
  • Are ClickFunnels worth it?

Trust me, I’ve been there and I also asked myself these questions countless times. 

But, it wasn’t easy finding the right answer, because everyone just focused on regurgitating existing information that doesn’t help.

This is my strong anchor (Why) to start this resourceful blog, Omniconverts to help you implement a proven sales process and make more sales while increasing each customer’s LTV.

If that’s your marketing goal as well, I welcomed you to my Sales funnel world.

The journey is not smooth, but it will be well worth it for your business.

As part of my mission to equip you with proven marketing strategies that work, tools and marketing resources.

Below are some resources to help you from getting started to scaling your existing business online:

I hope my story does nothing but resonate with you on a greater level. Cheers to your success online!!!