One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2021): Learn How To Grow Your Business Online Using Funnels

One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2021)

Are you wondering if the One Funnel Away Challenge program can help grow your business online? 

Here’s my untold story of how the OFA Challenge training sessions impacted my life and business.

When I was getting started building my business online, generating consistent traffic was hard… Super hard.

What’s even harder for me is converting those little earned traffic into valuable leads that can be ultimately turned to repeating buyers. It’s a nightmare for me.

I began asking myself these questions;

If I have to do one thing right now to move the needle in my online business, what would it be?

What do I need to be in place if I want to start seeing consistent leads and sales?

What actions do I need to take daily to achieve this?

Who exactly has done this online that I can model after?

After much teeth grinding, I found one answer to my burning questions, which is, to build Simple Marketing Funnels that converts.

This ultimately gave me a heads-up and became clearer that having a simple sales funnel is helluva important to level up my marketing game.

Luckily, in the quest searching for funnel building mentorship courses, I stumbled upon One Funnel Away Challenge training by Russell. 

Oh my God! This is a real secret hidden in plain sight – I said to myself.

If you’ve been in marketing funnel communities for a while, you would know that everything can be overwhelmed when you’re new to Clickfunnels world. 

From training programs to learn to use Clickfunnels can get someone discouraged. And nobody can teach you better than the funnel guru himself, Russell Brunson.

So, I took this as an opportunity to immerse myself deeper and invested $100 without hesitation into Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA Challenge).

No doubt, this is the best funnel building course I’ve ever gone through in my entire online career. 

Since the first One Funnel Away Challenge session I had in January, I’ve gone through it the second time in April. And believe me, I’m planning to go for the coming one again.

Why? It’s simple. One Funnel Away Challenge training continues to widen my horizons on how to approach funnel building from an expert level and come up with proven sales funnel almost every time.

Now, my story may resonate with you or be completely different from mine. Or better yet, you might be a beginner wandering on the same spot. Anyhoo…

If you want to turn things around and start building a profitable  business online, roll up your sleeve and do this

While this is a great learning experience for me, One Funnel Away Challenge has more to uncover. Let’s dig deeper into this One Funnel Away Challenge review.

What We’re Covering In This One Funnel Away Challenge Review

  1. Part 1: What’s The One Funnel Away Challenge?
  2. Part 2: Why Do You Need One Funnel Away Challenge?
  3. Part 3: An In-Depth Look Inside One Funnel Away Challenge
  4. Part 4: One Funnel Away Challenge Price & Cost
  5. Part 5: My Epic One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses
  6. Part 6: One Funnel Away Challenge FAQs
  7. Part 7: One Funnel Away Challenge Reviews & Stories
  8. Part 8: One Funnel Away Challenge Final Verdict

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Part 1: What’s The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-days virtual coaching session hosted by Russell Brunson together with his two top marketers, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

One Funnel Away Challenge

This amazing marketing funnel training will teach you step-by-step to launching your first (or next) proven marketing funnel with performance and conversion in mind.

Each day, a new lesson will be unlocked inside your membership area accompanied by a task (exactly like homework) to do for the day. Fret not, Russel Brunson made it look damn simple and easy to follow through.

One Funnel Away Challenge has one simple goal in mind for the participants, and that’s helping entrepreneurs to create, structure and launch their potential ideas into profitable online ventures, all within the first 30 days of launching the business. 

How cool and awesome is that if I may ask you?

Meet Your Challenge Coaches

The core challenge training is delivered by the top three (3) brainy sales funnel marketers, Russell Brunson called (The Strategist), Julie Stoian called (The Transformer), and of course, Stephen Larsen called (The Executioner).

Imagine going on a business mission with these funnel masters holding you by hand and showing you intensely, every approach they use to build out freaking marketing funnels and widely profitable from day one.

Rest assured that the best of the best in the marketing funnel space will be conducting the training for you.

Coach 1 – Russell Brunson: 

The first person you’ll encounter in this training is the funnel beast himself, Russell Brunson. The co-founder of Clickfunnels software worth over $360 million, all self-funded. 

Russell Brunson

He’s an 8 figures marketer who has accumulated millions of fans on social media networks worldwide. And as part of his marketing strategies, he has authored many successful marketing books that impacted over 250,000 online entrepreneurs – Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, Traffic Secrets (to name, but a few).

He’ll be holding you accountable daily via video missions and show you core funnel strategies and the “WHY” behind them all.

Everything that he teaches should not be taken with levity and should be followed thoroughly. It’s a matter of showing up every day because missing one day’s lesson alone will set you back as a new mission will be unlocked the next day.

It’s the perfect opposite of catch-up games that you’re used to in your hood.

Coach 2 – Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian has become, over the years, a successful funnel marketer. As a result of her years of experience, she has built multiple 7 figures online businesses, 2 Comma Club Award winner, and also a successful entrepreneur behind several courses and masterminds.

Julie Stoian

What she does as a second coach in this training is that she shows you step by step how to implement and transform the marketing messages passed across by Russell Brunson. 

This way, you’ll not only know the “WHY” alone, but also the “HOW” part. Take these as your daily slice of bread and butter.

Coach 3 – Stephen Larsen:

Your third coach is the “offer guru” himself, Stephen. A self-taught funnel marketer, 2 Comma Club Award winner, and the founder of popular marketing podcast, Sales Funnel Broker. He’s the man behind Offer Mind mastermind as well. 

Stephen Larsen

His mission is simple, and that’s to kick start your day with full energy and hold you accountable throughout the day by giving you live coaching calls and answering your questions.

He is the real deal and you will surely love him as well.

How The One Funnel Away Challenge Works

The One Funnel Away Challenge adopted a simple funnel framework to support every part of your online journey, from having the right mindset and belief to finishing the marketing vehicle your business needs to thrive.

Here shows the master map of how One Funnel Away Challenge works;

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Discussed this in-depth in the later part of the review content.

What You Get With The One Funnel Away Challenge 

Aside from the actual funnel training that you will have access to inside your membership area, you are going to secure more cool offers that work hand in hand with your purchase.

Here’s the overview of what you’re getting with One Funnel Away Challenge;

  • 6 total weeks of lessons (including the pre-training and post-training weeks)
  • 30 days of video missions from Russell Brunson ($997 value)
  • 30 Days of coaching from Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen ($997 value)
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit and 30-day Plan ($247 value)
  • BONUS #1: Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook ($97 value)
  • BONUS #2: MP3 Player with Russell’s Daily Lessons ($297 value)
  • BONUS #3: 30 Days Hardcover Book ($97 value)
  • BONUS #4: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews ($197 value)
  • BONUS #5: Behind the Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 value)

That’s $3,126 in TOTAL VALUE. It’s a no brainer deal when you’re just paying $100 for the total investment.

Who Is This Challenge For?

For a couple of paragraphs now, I’ve been talking about Russell Brunson One Funnel Away 30 Days Challenge and how it can transform your online business to the next level.

But, do you ever take a second to ask yourself: Is this One Funnel Away Challenge right for me?

Peep, I want to make it clear to you right away before you commit your hard-earned money to One Funnel Away Challenge.

And I’ll start with who this program is not for, as this will separate freebie seekers, tire-kickers and idiots from the action takers.

And probably taunt them to stop reading this One Funnel Away Challenge review. Anyhoo…

One Funnel Away Challenge is not for you if:

  1. You plan to take the course at your own pace and cannot dedicate the time required daily
  2. You’re just looking for push-button money or get rich quick.
  3. You’re the type that likes jumping around and doesn’t take massive action…
  4. You aren’t serious about making this online biz work & are just testing the waters.

For a few of you who made the cut, I say congratulations to you.

You’re the perfect marketer I’m looking forward to working closely with to change and help build a thriving online marketing business.

So, who is this One Funnel Funnel Away Challenge really for?

  1. If you believe it takes money to make money online and are not afraid to invest in the right tools and resources.
  2. If you’ve been dabbling with online marketing for a while but not hitting your income goals.
  3. If you’re looking to generate another stream of online income.
  4. If you’re the serious type, coachable and willing to take consistent action and ready to level up.

If you fit the criteria above, why waste more time again?

Challenge your way to online business success.

Part 2: Why Do You Need One Funnel Away Challenge?

The indispensable requirement for hard work is discipline.

Agreed right? Let’s rephrase it a little bit to make more sense to you;

The indispensable requirement for consistent leads and sales is a simple marketing funnel.

Wouldn’t you agree more with me on this?

In reality, the paramount objective of every online business model out there is to generate potential leads that buy what you’re selling in the market.

But, when you knock leads and sales generation in the head by using the right hooks, establish a relationship through story and empathy, earn their trust and turn them into raving customers that buy not just once, but repeatedly.

When you learn this way, you become unstoppable. You earn more life customers and in turn, your business bottom line profits increase as well.

And that’s exactly what Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge is teaching every participant that takes part in the challenge training.

Let’s face it, if you want to learn the art of selling online, you need to master these 3 simple mechanisms;

  1. Hooks: Make selling easy by getting your audience’s attention from the very first time.
  2. Stories: Write amazing messages that move your audience to buy decisions.
  3. Offers: The exact steps you need to create or select irresistible offers and how to sell them to anyone.

These are the working components that make selling online become easier. And combining them makes the whole functioning marketing funnel system. 

Any faulty part will render your marketing less impactful and profitable. Not good enough.

Another reason why you need One Funnel Away Challenge is for the fact that you’ll have access to a bounded book of 30 marketing experts sharing what they would do if they suddenly lose everything, and gain it all back starting from scratch in just 30 days.

And this is a burning idea Russel Brunson later turns to what he now called the 30 Days Summits program.

Picking brains of successful 2 Comma Club Award winners with multiple 8 figures businesses is a great steal for me. 

So, you’ll gain new insights, tactics, and marketing approaches each one of them used to reach massive success online. It will honestly open you up to a whole new marketing world.

Part 3: An In-Depth Look Inside One Funnel Away Challenge

Let’s recap in a bit, the core funnel concepts you need to master the art of selling online are;

  1. Using Hooks that inspire interest
  2. Writing story-driven messages that earn the trust
  3. Making irresistible offers that your leads can’t help but buy

Looking at them closely, selling anything online boils down to these 3 components.

And when you put them to work, you’ll be able to build a business(es) that helps people out and turn them into lifetime customers.

All the training videos and daily missions inside the OFA Challenge program are based on these core principles.

When you stop using bogus lead magnets to attract leads, and instead, you start to look and understand things from the prospect’s perspective, you start realizing bigger impacts from your marketing efforts….

…both leads-wise and sales-wise.

Drum roll… Let’s debunk One Funnel Away Challenge ultimate training and what you’re going to learn when you finally accept the challenge;

Pre-Training Week – Creating the Belief

The very first series of videos you’re going to receive from Russell Brunson is making you believe that One Funnel Away Challenge can help you succeed.

To make everything work for you online, you need to have the right mindset. You need an extra push to take enough action.

That’s why he dedicated this pre-training week to fine-tune your belief and self-confidence.

Here’s the exact series of video lessons from the Belief week:

  • Lesson 1: The Framework
  • Lesson 2: One Funnel Away
  • Lesson 3: The Who…Not the How
  • Lesson 4: Funnel Hacking
  • Lesson 5: Lady Boss Story
  • Lesson 6: The Map

Week 1 – Hook, Story, Offer

This is where you’ll start diving into the funnel world. The first week teaches you how to create and structure Irresistible Offers.

When your offer has a higher perceived value than the actual asking price, you begin to win online. 

Also, people tend to respond higher to visual design elements in the marketing world as it persuades people psychologically to associate your brand with their life. 

Here’re the exact Week 1 missions of the OFA Challenge:

  • Mission 1: Offer Hacking
  • Mission 2: The Greatest Showman
  • Mission 3: Offer Sequencing
  • Mission 4: The Secret of E-covers
  • Mission 5: Creating Your Products

Week 2 – Your Hooks and Stories

This is where you get to learn how to use the right hooks and stories. 

When you know how to use hooks and stories to move people from Stage A (Problem) to Stage B (Solution), selling anything online becomes easier for you.

Before you can get potential customers into your world, you need to hook them right from the start for you to earn their attention.

Then, you further use powerful stories to turn earned attention into buying decisions. 

Here’re the exact Week 2 missions of the OFA Challenge:

  • Mission 1: Testing Your Material
  • Mission 2: Epiphany Bridge
  • Mission 3: Publishing Your Origin Story
  • Mission 4: Testing Hooks/Stories

Week 3 – The Funnel

Week 3 is all about what you’ve been anticipating – a sales funnel or marketing funnels. Whatever you call it…

Here’s where you learn how to structure and put together your hooks and stories to build what I called a Simple Marketing Funnels System.

This system moves and qualifies potential prospects from the beginning down the rabbit hole and helps them take the desired actions that you want them to. 

And that’s to become loyal leads, and ultimately buy whatever you’re offering as a solution to their problems.

Here’re the exact Week 3 missions of the OFA Challenge:

  • Mission 1: Generate a Lead / Make a Sale
  • Mission 2: ClickFunnels
  • Mission 3: Sequence Page
  • Mission 4: Sales Page / Order Form
  • Mission 5: OTO Page
  • Mission 6: Member’s Area

Week 4 – Make It Rain

The most fun week of the One Funnel Away Challenge is Week 4.

You’re going to learn how to send traffic to your newly built marketing funnel to generate leads and start making cold hard cash before 30 days is even complete.

Russell breaks down 3 traffic sources that you can turn on and show you what to do if your funnel flops and doesn’t make the expected impacts.

Here’re the exact Week 3 missions of the OFA Challenge:

  • Mission 1: The 3 Types of Traffic
  • Mission 2: The Dream 100
  • Mission 3: Hooks (Earned)
  • Mission 4: Hooks (Paid)
  • Mission 5: What Happens When Your Funnel Flops?

If you’ve been following what Russell and his Coaches teach in the OFA Challenge dearly for the whole 30 days, your online business will experience a surge in traffic, leads, and sales.

One Funnel Away Challenge Facebook Community

When you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, you get access to an amazing Facebook Funnel Hacker community full of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Becoming a funnel builder can be overwhelmed and a turn-off point especially for a beginner. But by having serious marketers that are ready to reveal their secrets at no extra cost to you anytime is superb.

That way, you get your questions or issues you’re experiencing along the way solved in no time. The support is amazing, trust me.

One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

In addition to the sensational experience you will have if you decide to join OFA Challenge, you’ll also get a customized One Funnel Away Challenge kit with your purchase. It includes the following;

BONUS 1: Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook

With a spiral-bound copy of the challenge, you’re able to get things done faster, as the OFA Challenge workbook will walk you through each specific task. 

OFA Challenge Workbook

It has lots of space that you can use to jot down thoughts and ideas.

Besides that, you’ll have some highlighted areas for each day that will show you what you need to get done for the day and supercharge you for the next mission.

BONUS 2: MP3 Player with Russell’s Recordings

Part of the kit is an MP3 device full of Russell’s recordings of the lessons, and Stephen’s recordings from the start of the challenge.

MP3 Russell Brunson Recordings

You get to learn while you do chore things at home, driving your car, building your body at the gym… Anything you can think of.

It’s a huge time saver for me doing multiple things at the same time.

BONUS 3: 30 Days Hardcover Book

This is my favorite out of the Challenge’s kit that was sent to my door. It’s always been my wildest dream to learn from the experts in the marketing space. 

30 Days Dot Com Book

And luckily for me, this Free 30 Days’ 550 Pages book is full of golden nuggets from 30 different experts sharing their 30 days marketing plans if they were to start from rags to riches.

It’s an eye-opener for me to know the secrets behind what it takes to become a 2 Comma Club Award winner.

BONUS 4: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews

30 marketing experts come together to reveal step by step plans and strategies that they will use between day 1 – 30  to start their online business all over again and make it profitable within 30 days.

30 days interviews

This Summit’s Interviews are laid out neatly and in a format that even beginners can implement right away and start getting timely results with their businesses.

BONUS 5: Behind the Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews

Here’s where you take what you learn in the Summit even further. They reveal the exact sales funnels and show you how they tie everything together to generate millions of dollars in profits. 

Part 4: One Funnel Away Challenge Price & Cost

The One Funnel Away Challenge comes at a ridiculously cheap price. At $100 cost, you’ll rarely see any marketing funnels training program charging as measly as OFA Challenge does. 

It’s a bargain at this price when you think about the kind of marketing person you’ll become and how your worldviews about marketing will be influenced positively.

But, here’s the kick that you need to be aware of – You pay a regular $100 if you select the digital version only. It also comes with a downloadable pdf of the workbook, a 30-days book, and Russell’s recordings.

However, if you’re going for the hard copy of the 30-days book, a bounded workbook, and a physical MP3 player full of Russel’s recordings, then you’ll have to pay an extra $09.95 fee for shipping cost ($19.95 for international shipping).

Part 5: My Epic One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

So, you’re now totally motivated and inspired enough to invest in the next One Funnel Away Challenge

That’s a smart decision to make. But, before you sign up for the challenge right away, I’ve made available amazing goodies that you’ll get just for buying via my link.

For every person that buys One Funnel Away Challenge via my link, I’ve made it my mission to 30x  the actual investment.

In what sense Donald? Okay, let me make it clearer.

After purchasing One Funnel Away Challenge through me, you’ll have instant access to my exclusive One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses worth $3,990 in Total Value

Not offering you fluffy stuff, trust me.

Sounds like a good deal right…??? Good!

So, what’s the catch for me, Donald? I’m up for the challenge, what do I need to do to have access to all of these epic One Funnel Away Challenge bonus packages? 

Simple! You just need to join One Funnel Away Challenge by visiting the link below and click the button on the next page to purchase OFA Challenge:

===> Click Here to Secure my Full FREE One Funnel Away Bonuses Worth $3,990 in Total Value!

The page above shows the full breakdown of my amazing One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses you’re going to be getting from me.

Once you register for the OFA Challenge program, contact me with your purchase receipt via this email “” with subjectline “Claim My OFA Challenge Bonuses” and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Part 6: One Funnel Away Challenge FAQs

How much does the One Funnel Away Challenge cost?

The OFA Challenge costs $100  to join the training as a new participant. This is the exact amount you will need to pay to have access to the digital version. 

However, the physical version of the training comes with a shipping fee of $9.95 ($19.95 for international).

Is it worth the investment?

Definitely Yes! Let’s do some simple math here – You’re investing $100 for the challenge, but the whole training package worth $3000 to $25,000.

Remember that Russell himself is charging $25,000 for his masterclass alone, and over $100,000 in consultation fees. While Steve and Julie also charged thousands of dollars from their clients.

Now think about it, when you make that small investment, and in return, your ROI  is over 250%. 

So, let me ask you, wouldn’t you snatch up a great and awesome deal like this for your business? 

I bet you would. Every participant knew the immense value they’ve got from the challenge. Check the customers’ testimonies in the later section of this review post.

Do you want to make your online business worth over 250% and above to your customers?

Take the Next One Funnel Away Challenge Training Here.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes of course! Russell Brunson knew his funnel building training can’t please everyone. 

If you think all the funnel building sessions and missions you’re receiving from the One Funnel Away Challenge are not worth the value, or full of hype and don’t deliver what it promised…

…then you have 30 days to send back all the OFA Challenge kits you received from the day of arrival to be eligible for a full refund of your $100. This is a guarantee for every customer.

Do I need a paid Clickfunnels subscription to join the OFA Challenge?

What I’ll say here is it depends. You need a Clickfunnels account if you think it all makes sense to host all your sales funnel (lead gen. page, sales page, order bump page, OTOs page, membership, etc) in one platform.

But, if you don’t want to use Clickfunnels, One Funnel Away Challenge will still arm you to apply what you learn in another funnel builder of your choice.

In fact, Russell even made mention of it in the beginning, that using Clickfunnels is not compulsory to go through the training. 

And it’s until the third week that he started showing different funnel pages that you can build right inside Clickfunnels.

Do I need to have my own product (offer) to sell in order to use the program?

The answer is NO. I had this same question before I signed up for the OFA Challenge the first time.

But, little did I know that One Funnel Away Challenge teaches everything on how to create Irresistible Offers. And of course, that includes how to source and where to select affiliate offers to promote.

So, fret not if you don’t have self-created products yet. The funnel knowledge can be applied to affiliate marketing as well.

Remember, I didn’t have any personal offers when I was signing up. What I had at my disposal was the products created by others.

Whether you’re looking to promote self-created products, services, or other people’s products, you need a sales system to market it to the right audience.

Does the One Funnel Challenge have an affiliate program?

Oh Yes! To say the fact, Clickfunnels has the best affiliate programs out there. And it’s no exception that the OFA Challenge will be different. 

With the One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate program, you’ll be able to earn 100% commission for every single sale that you refer via your One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate link.

This is the first affiliate offer I selected when I was going through the challenge cause it solves real problems most marketers are facing online.

How can I promote the One Funnel Away Challenge?

Good question! I’ve made it my mission to get you started promoting OFA Challenge the right way.

To make that possible, I’ll be giving you a FREE One Funnel Away Challenge Funnel that you can deploy right away. 

Plus, you’ll be getting Free Social Organic FB Leads Method and  OFA Checklist – these two are all enough to generate traffic to your funnel.

I’m not just saying it, I’m also doing it. I called this Donald’s $1000 Challenge here or you can go back to my bonus section to understand it better.

 Does this sound amazing to you? Cool… Let’s make it happen by signing up for the next OFA Challenge here.

Part 7: One Funnel Away Challenge Reviews & Stories

Here are real reviews and testimonies from the raving One Funnel Away Challenge customers. They’ve turned their businesses into profitability and are making big impacts day by day.

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KttRo8UFPWt oiB5Fu6pXnizkXLJPfZP290cB7yOy1pB8lUPSUXtM6GxSJpcvQRB5aaSoZidZtEpu QH4ev7sPEUS4 Pqm4OL5IiOok1bWOP7uNGYzyRYb7YLulZeHL9UR8 KuJ6
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Part 8: One Funnel Away Challenge Final Verdict

One Funnel Away Challenge is a sensational funnel building program that’ll hold you accountable for the next 30-days, and show you definite plans and missions of what to do each day to launch your profitable marketing funnels that will consistently get results.

Let me ask you, how successful would your online business be, if you could be safely guided by 3 marketing experts, walking you through their daily plan of actions that have made them successful online?

I bet you’ll be delighted to jump on this One Funnel Away Challenge training and enjoy the ride to online riches.

Now, if you want to get clarity from the start and know what to do daily to launch your proven marketing funnels that will consistently get results, I recommend you join this Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Program below.

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