ClickFunnels Review 2021: Is It The Best For Creating Funnels?

ClickFunnels Review 2021: Is It The Best For Funnel Builders?

Dude, I welcome you to this thorough ClickFunnels review! It’s obvious that you’re an online entrepreneur wondering if ClickFunnels software would be a perfect tool to rapidly grow your online business. 

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

No doubt, selling online is one of the most difficult tasks for marketers. Gluing together different moving elements to form a proven marketing system that converts visitors into customers is not child’s play. 

However, the evolution of sales funnel softwares has eased the process unimaginably in that a regular person can now build marketing pages that are designed for higher conversions without breaking much sweat.

So, here’s the question:

Can this behemoth tool simplify the selling process for you as it boldly claims to do for many businesses or waste your precious time and hard-earned money?

Hold on tight with me mate as I’m about to take you on a ride and honestly answer your pressing questions about using ClickFunnels software. 

Without further ado, let’s get cracking. Shall we?

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online software company that specifically helps entrepreneurs and online marketers from any business niche to launch, market, and automate the selling of their products and services online using a time-tested sales strategy – sales funnel.

This top user-rated sales funnel builder was founded back in 2014 by two serial online entrepreneurs Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. The ClickFunnels breakthrough among its competitors has propelled it forward powering more than 140,000 businesses, definitely surpassing the $360 million valuations as estimated by Forbes at the time of writing this ClickFunnels review.

ClickFunnels functionalities include building a conversion-focused sales funnel, and not limited to everything that’s needed to make a working sales system such as: 

  • Squeeze pages
  • Sales pages (both text and video based)
  • Email automation
  • Webinar pages etc.
  • Cart enhancement pages e.g checkout page, upsell and downsell page, one-time offer (OTO) page, etc.

The above are just to mention a few out of the marketing funnels and pages you can build with ClickFunnels software. As I normally put it, the only limitation is your imagination with this amazing tool.

How ClickFunnels Work For Businesses?

ClickFunnels works by delivering its quality promises without failures. At its core, it helps to build a complete proven sales funnel from the ground up by following best practices, collecting payments from your customers, extending the touchpoints with your leads using an in-built email system, managing your entire affiliate system, and doing so much more for your marketing business than you can think of.

By combining the six key elements of a successful sales funnel inside the tool as listed below, you’re able to build marketing funnels optimized to convert more of your visitors into leads and then to customers. Thus, increasing your most important business bottom line metric which is Revenue:

  • Attention-grabbing Headlines
  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Customer Testimonials & Social Proofs
  • Compelling Features & Benefits
  • Insightful Videos and Images

To drive home the right point, ClickFunnels doesn’t make the usage complicated for its users in any way. It begins the process by welcoming you with a great customer onboarding service to help you feel every part of the membership, training, and resources.

In additions, you further learn how to best adopt all of the intensive marketing secrets shared in the ClickFunnels ecosystem to your business online, which includes but not limited to the following:

…and lots more based on how you get access to them whether through an individual offer purchase, a FREE offer or as an upsells inside each of the program’s funnels.

Now that you fully understand the working mechanics behind the ClickFunnels software, secure your FREE trial account by clicking the button below:

Who Can Use ClickFunnels Software?

One of the sweetest parts about ClickFunnels is the widest coverage for almost every online business category. To be honest, thousands of business owners with diverse services are generating millions of income with their companies. 

To have a glimpse at those who can benefit from using ClickFunnels software to run their businesses, you may consider taking few seconds and ask yourself if you’re into:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Freelance service
  3. Online Blogging 
  4. eCommerce store business
  5. Conversion and growth hacking business
  6. Information products business
  7. Selling online courses
  8. Startup/Saas business
  9. Network marketing etc.

To reinstate, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an affiliate marketer, eCommerce store owner, or digital agency owner, using a funnel builder like ClickFunnels will definitely shoot your marketing results upward unimaginably.

As you can see, the capabilities ClickFunnels brings to the table for business owners are second to none. To best learn more about your specific business ideas with ClickFunnels, quickly go to this iloveclickfunnels page. It’s jam-packed with amazing business categories that ClickFunnels support.

ClickFunnels Review 2021: 8 Core Features of ClickFunnels

Feature #1: The Funnel Builder

This is the standard-centric feature inside of ClickFunnels software. One of the best competitive advantages ClickFunnels has is the capability of building different kinds of funnels and marketing pages for different businesses. 

Whether you’re looking to build leads and sales generating funnels, webinar funnels, or want to build funnels for real estate, ClickFunnels has got you covered with its intuitive drag and drop sales funnel builder and instantly end up with a fully working funnel in 10 minutes or less.

Don’t forget that everything you build with ClickFunnels comes with using your own brand identities including logos, colors, and fonts. Likewise, you can even go an extra length to remove the ClickFunnels badge from your funnels and pages if you want. That’s the flexibility of designing with this amazing funnel builder.

Feature #2: Actionetics for Email Automations

For a complete automation package, ClickFunnels offered its customers an in-built email automation software called Actionetics (now Follow-up Funnels) for acquiring leads and skyrocketing your business sales on autopilot through email marketing.

Most of the sales funnel builders out there lack this feature in particular, and those that had their email system were not built up to marketing standards.

But with ClickFunnels, you’re able to build both simple and complex email campaigns, capture and store contacts, segment your list using the Smart List action feature, nurture and follow up with them without having to worry about email deliverability (another edge against competitors).

To better understand the great values this in-built email tool brought to the table for your business, do yourself a favor and read my in-depth Actionetics review here

You’ll thank me later for this!!!

Feature #3: Backpack for Affiliate Management

The in-built affiliate software (Backpack) provided by ClickFunnels eliminates the need of using third-party tools for managing your army of affiliates in case you decide to run an affiliate program for your product or offer.

Inside the Backpack dashboard, you’re allowed to customize your commission structure to be paid to affiliates, track their campaigns by using sub-ID, provide promotional materials such as email copies, images and other important details that may be needed to successfully sell your product by your affiliates.

Feature #4: Membership Funnel

For those that want to make money from an online membership site, you’re going to find this ClickFunnels feature useful for your business.

Running a membership site is one of the most lucrative methods for anyone to generate recurring monthly income online.

With the ClickFunnels membership funnel feature, you’re able to create a members area where paid customers can access your premium contents, collect payment from registered users, set up content restrictions if you offer different pricing options, and finally get data on how your membership is performing such as new users (free or paid), churn rates, etc.

The best part is you’re able to do all of this on autopilot without lifting a finger or writing a single line of code.

Feature #5: A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing feature helps you to test and compare two or more variations of your funnels and see which one emerges as a winner in terms of results.

As far as ClickFunnels is concerned, you’re not limited to a b testing your funnels alone, you can as well test various elements on your marketing pages such as headlines, ad copies, images, videos, color and call to action (CTA).

Successful online marketers test rigorously to maximize conversions. So, I urge you to do the same by putting this feature into action inside of your ClickFunnels account.

Feature #6: Hosting Your Digital Assets

Another crucial feature of using ClickFunnels software is the ability to host unlimited web data and files for its users, thanks to the combined effects of Amazon Cloud, CloudFlare (Security and CDN), and other technologies which make the software run on an unlimited server and disk space.

Not only were you able to host online courses and marketing funnels, but you can also host other digital assets like text, video, audio contents, and even including the smallest file like uploading ClickFunnels favicon icon to your account. 

Feature #7: Funnels Tracking & Analytics

Every successful marketer knows the importance of tracking their marketing conversion rates and ClickFunnels doesn’t lag in providing this crucial feature for all its customers.

Clickfunnels analytics shows the best metrics you need to be able to tell whether your business is bringing in the expected results or is underperforming to your expectations.

You can track your unique page views, opt-in rates, earning per click (EPC), total gross sales, average cart value of each customer, total sales count of your products, recurring revenue value, and lots more.

All of these are present in your ClickFunnels account dashboard. You can therefore use this data to make better decisions towards optimizing your sales funnel system as a whole.

Feature #8: Webinar Functionality

ClickFunnels let online business owners use one of the time-tested sales processes – Webinar to market their products online. 

As you might have already known, running webinars is very powerful in that it effectively teaches and educates your customers before pitching them an offer. This is why great marketers like Russell Brunson, Peng Joon, Dean Graziosi and others turn to it every time to scale their business from 6-8 figures in revenue.

Planning to learn or use a webinar to sell your products online? Then I recommend you check out this Perfect Webinar Secrets program from Russell Brunson to fully equip yourself with the proper knowledge about running webinar events that convert like crazy.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons

There is no such software that doesn’t come with its good and bad sides, and that means ClickFunnels is not an exception here as well. 

With that being said, let’s quickly go over some of my experiences in using Russell’s sales funnel software and what I think about each one of them in detail.

Pros: What I Love About Using ClickFunnels

#1: Easy Drag & Drop Editor

Here’s the thing with most page editors, they’re complicated to use. However, ClickFunnels make their drag and drop page editor simple and easy to use for their users, even if you’ve battled with building web pages before.

The navigation and the shoot-out menus on your editor’s interface help in adding elements such as blocks, in-line text, SEO, media, and others to come up with appealing page designs pretty quickly.

#2: Multiple Pre-built Funnels Blueprint

If you have been dabbling with online business for some time now, you’ll know that designing a marketing page can quite take up loads of time upfront. And that doesn’t even infer that you’re going to come up with a proven one at the end.

Luckily enough for you, ClickFunnels solves this headache with their boatloads of high converting funnel templates readily available for you to select and deploy right into your funnel builder.

#3: Awesome Affiliate Program

Apart from being an industry standard marketing software, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is one of the most lucrative software offers you can promote as an affiliate marketer.

Not only do they pay out generous commissions to their affiliates, but they also apply lifetime sticky cookie with your links so that they can keep crediting you for any purchase made by your referrals as they move down the funnel.

To cap it all, once you hit 100 active ClickFunnels users in a month, you’re automatically qualified to request a dream car of your choice. Currently, over 100 super affiliates have won their supercars through the program. 

You can learn more about and get started by following this whatsyourdreamcar and this free Affiliate Bootcamp training.

#4: Supportive Funnel Hackers Community

Think you’re alone in your journey? Nope, it’s quite the opposite with ClickFunnels. Most of the Saas products tend to invest time and money heavily to strengthen their customer relations.

And one such way ClickFunnels has used to build a community of like-minded marketers to come together to share experiences, learn new things and inspire each other is by launching an official Facebook group that hosts over 200,000+ funnels hackers worldwide.

Being part of the community myself totally worth it as it exposed me to lots of sneaky marketing methods and mentors to rock my business forward. 

Cons: Drawbacks of ClickFunnels

#1: Basic Plan Is Pricey For Budget-friendly Marketer

The starter plan of ClickFunnels may be too expensive if you’re just getting started with your business or you may be generally short on budget. From my experience, it’s hard to keep up with the monthly cost when there’s no way for you to recoup back the investment.

I remembered back when I became a ClickFunnels user. The first few months were breezy for me building several funnels for my business. Little did I know that I’m going to cancel my subscriptions shortly because I was running out of cash, and my business hasn’t generated much income either for the ongoing support.

Thankfully, the ClickFunnels affiliate program saved my ass. All I did was referred 3 clients of mine at the time and had them sign up under me and the rest is history.

So, if you’re still keen on using all the features provided by ClickFunnels to grow your marketing business, then follow my path. Educate 3 people (maybe your friends, clients, or business partners) and introduce them to ClickFunnels and you’ll have your sanity saved for as long as they continue to use the funnel software.

Again, begin your affiliate journey via this page – whatsyourdremncar. Then, educate yourself on the best ways to promote it by joining the Affiliate Bootcamp training here. 

#2: Steep Learning Curve

Truth be told, you can be easily overwhelmed by ClickFunnels. With the range of incredible features and values provided, you can lose track of your progress, especially as a first-time software user.

However, Russell Brunson combated this using two distinctive methods without failures. Firstly, there’s a great customer onboarding process in place as I’ve mentioned earlier to welcome new customers and set them up for success with the tool.

Secondly, Russell has created many intensive marketing materials. From his marketing books to Funnel Builder Secrets, Funnel Hacking Secrets, FunnelFlix, and the likes to help you learn the sales funnel to scale your business while teaching you ClickFunnels software in the process to achieve the success that you craved for. 

If you ask me, the latter is by far the best route to go. You can’t just sign up with the software without any proper knowledge on how to use it or what to use it for. 

In my case, One Funnel Away Challenge helped establish my business with ClickFunnels when I was getting started. 

I went through the 30-Days Challenge three times before signing up with its advanced version – OFA Platinum twice which is what I’m currently using to save up on my monthly subscriptions.

The whole point is, even though ClickFunnels offers everything there is for you, you still shouldn’t take the learning curve as an excuse to stop harnessing the power of ClickFunnels for your marketing business. 

Of course, you’ve a whole lot of resources in place to guide you.

ClickFunnels Integrations

The integrations ClickFunnels made possible for its customers make it a no-brainer for anyone wanting to combine their favorite tools with this sales funnel software.

Through this feature, you can run your marketing business to automatically sync your data to other third-party tools such as passing email contacts to external email tools like ActiveCampaign, and sending out customer purchase history without facing any issues. 

Broadly speaking, you can integrate ClickFunnels through various ways, but for this Clickfunnels review, I’m going to briefly list two possible methods which include email integration and payment integration. You can read further about ClickFunnels integration here.

Email Tools Integrations

Understandably, not everyone will be able to have access to the ClickFunnels email automation tool. This is why you can integrate any of your chosen tools that work well with ClickFunnels software.

Below are the email autoresponders you can choose to power your email marketing system with ClickFunnels:

  • ActiveCampaign (proudly vouched for by many ClickFunnels users)
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • Keap (previously Infusionsoft)
  • Ontraport
  • Drip
  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Constant Contact etc.

However, to ensure your emails get to the inbox of your subscribers, ClickFunnels employed integrations with SMTP services for getting higher email deliverability rates. Such services are Sendgrid, Mandrill and Mailgun.

Payment Gateway Integrations

The primary reason you’re an online entrepreneur is to generate revenue from your business, isn’t it? So, for every customer that purchases your products, you need to find a way to collect payments (either one-time or recurring) from them.

To set up payment integrations with ClickFunnels, you’ll need to use either one of these two methods – API and third-party integrations.

With API, you collect and process payments directly from your ClickFunnels account without needing to redirect customers. While the 3rd party integration will have to move potential customers away from your funnels before being able to collect their payments.

Below are the payment softwares that offer (both API and 3rd-party based) integrations with ClickFunnels:

  • Stripe (Widely used with no hassles)
  • Paypal
  • ClickBank
  • Ontraport
  • Recurly
  • WarriorPlus
  • JVZoo etc.

ClickFunnels Pricing 2021

As you may already know by now, ClickFunnels pricing comes in two different plans strategically tailored towards your marketing requirements.

The first pricing tier which is the most affordable ClickFunnels plan costs $97 per month. While the second plan costs $297 per month for the subscription. 

At these price points, you get access to all essential funnel building tools, secrets strategies, and training to help you succeed online with marketing funnels.

Below is the complete overview of these two ClickFunnels pricing, what you get (main features), resources and their possible limitations:

For ClickFunnels Basic Plan at $97/month:

  • Create up to 20 funnels (max)
  • 100 pages and funnel steps
  • Maximum of 20,000 visitors monthly
  • Unlimited share funnel feature
  • Build any type of sales funnel (membership funnel, online course funnel, etc.)
  • 1 admin user account
  • 3 payments gateway integrations
  • Connection of 1 domain allowed
  • Basic chat feature for support
  • No follow-up funnels feature
  • Limited version of FunnelFlix account
  • Funnel hacker forum and community

For ClickFunnels Platinum Plan at $297/month:

  • Build unlimited funnels (YES, no limits)
  • Unlimited funnels pages and steps
  • Unlimited number of visitors to your funnels and pages
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels
  • Unlimited share funnel feature
  • Build any type of sales funnel (membership funnel, online course funnel, etc.)
  • Allowed 3 admin funnel user accounts (for a team)
  • Allowed 9 domains integrations
  • 9 payments gateway integrations
  • ClickFunnels priority chat support
  • Weekly peer review hackathons
  • Backpack affiliate management feature
  • Unlimited FunnelFlix access and lots more…

For both plans, ClickFunnels provides 14-Days FREE trial accounts for potential users to test the software before making the final decisions for the monthly commitments. 

Unlike other software that tie you down yearly, ClickFunnels mostly allows you to pay on a month-to-month basis which gives you the flexibility to easily cancel or pause your account hassle-free.

As you can deduce from the ClickFunnels pricing models above, the software is seriously not for faint-hearted marketers or budget-friendly entrepreneurs that are just getting started online, unless you’ve got a huge marketing budget in place already.

Want to give ClickFunnels a try for your business? Click the button below and check out my other detailed content about various methods to secure your FREE trial periods including their popular 30-days FREE trial account:

ClickFunnels Frequently Asked Questions

Do ClickFunnels Really Work?

Short answer, YES! ClickFunnels 100% excels in delivering its promises and values. From launching and packaging your ideas, attracting new customers to marketing, and automating the selling part of your business, ClickFunnels ensure you achieve success all the way.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

The ClickFunnels pricing tiers start at $97/month for the Basic Plan while the Platinum plan costs $297/month. All the prices give you access to the respective features (explained above), and their popular 14-Days FREE trial period to test the software. You can read more about available ClickFunnels trial options here.

Are ClickFunnels Worth It?

Simply YES. ClickFunnels worth every penny of your investment. Back are the days where you need to hire graphics and web designers to build out complete marketing pages and funnels (conversion-blinded) for you, which practically takes several weeks if not months to finish. But with ClickFunnels, you can create any funnel in a day, and even faster with their beautifully designed template blueprints.

Is ClickFunnels Friendly For Beginners?

ClickFunnels was built initially for both beginners and pro marketers wanting to grow their business using a sales funnel without facing any technical issues while in the process. No matter your experience level, ClickFunnels provides you with courses and learning materials that tremendously help in taking you from a newbie to an advanced funnel builder pretty quickly.

Can You Make Money With ClickFunnels?

Definitely YES. As suggested by Russell Brunson and his team, there are several ways to make money with ClickFunnels. But the two most favorite methods are first, by becoming a product creator (online courses, info products, agency, eCorm stores, etc.) and sell them through ClickFunnels software. Secondly, join their affiliate program and start referring people to their offers such as OFA Challenge, Funnel Builder Secrets, including their funnel builder tool. In return, you’ll begin to earn recurring monthly commissions for your efforts.

Is ClickFunnels Legitimate?

YES, ClickFunnels is 100% legit. With new competitors emerging every new day, the ClickFunnels company is still regarded as one of the best sales funnel builders in the marketing space, which currently powered 140,000+ businesses worldwide. It’s an awesome community of funnel hackers that is second to none in my opinion.

How is ClickFunnels Different From its Competitors?

Primarily, there’s a distinctive focus between ClickFunnels and its other competitors. The core purpose of ClickFunnels is to help build a sales process to sell your products using funnels. However, with the vast array of tools such as GetResponse, Kartra, HubSpot, and others becoming all in one sales platform, ClickFunnels has also stepped up its game by offering features like Actionetics email tool, Backpack & integrations with third-parties tools.

Is ClickFunnels a Pyramid Scheme?

No, not even close. The ClickFunnels’ software as a service (Saas) business model is not a pyramid scheme in the sense that you don’t need to pay before you can access their affiliate program and refer other people that are likely to use the tool. It’s unlike other businesses that are constructed to recruit downline or members.

My Final Notes on ClickFunnels Review 2021 

There you have it. I hope this detailed ClickFunnels review helps you to make the right decision towards your marketing choices.

If you’re selling something online, you need to have a working sales process in place to successfully market your products or services online.

And there’s no better way to achieve your business goals other than using marketing tools such as ClickFunnels built specifically to automate your customers’ acquisition and increase your product’s sales exponentially.

Whichever sales funnel builder you decide to go with, you’re going to benefit immensely from implementing one to grow your business online.

Click the button below to get started and test drive ClickFunnels 14-Days trial account for FREE:

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